FAQ: Is Rei And Kyouko In A Relationship?

What did kyouko do to REI?

Let Shimada Be Happy — What did kyouko do to rei? I can’t remember It’s implied that she sexually assaulted him when he was younger.

Does REI have a love interest?

In the anime, the shrine had a bumbling helper named Yuuichirou who also served as Rei’s love interest; she also had a cousin, Kengo Ibuki, who was a well-known pottery artist, though it was not stated if either of her parents had any siblings in the manga.

Who did REI love?

Ben Solo is the love of Rey’s life. Initially unknown to Rey, she forms a dyad in the Force with Ben, being them actually one in the Force but born as two physically separated individuals. Thus, despite not being related by blood, Ben is Rey’s other half, making him her “soulmate” or “twin of the Force”.

Does REI Kiriyama have autism?

He shows frequent evidence of clinical depression, and a very strong correlation to Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism, with his poor social skills, limited expression (children often called him a “robot”), inability to understand others’ feelings, obsession with a singular subject, etc.

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Does kyouko hate Rei?

Background. Kyouko resents Rei for being the best in shogi (and by extension, gaining the attention of their father), and that resentment is carried with her attempts to lead him into failure, even when she’s being fairly cordial to him otherwise.

Is touji Souya deaf?

He has been compared to a god in shogi, but he’s a bit absent-minded. After his match with Kiriyama, it was revealed that he has some sort of intermittent hearing loss of unknown cause.

Does Rei like Takashi?

Rei has held deep affection for Takashi since they were in kindergarten and has always liked him, even promising to marry him when they were kids. However, him ignoring her after she was held back in school caused Rei to believe that he had abandoned her, hence why she left him for Hisashi.

Who is Sailor Mars love interest?

Though their romantic history was never fully disclosed in the original anime, Jadeite stated in the manga that he thought Raye was attractive. Sailor Moon Crystal also clarified their past when it was revealed he was Princess Mars’ love interest.

Does REI and Yuichiro get together?

He made his first appearance in episode 30, sleeping on the steps in front of Hikawa Shrine. When he woke up, he saw Rei Hino and immediately fell in love with her. In episode 38, Yuichiro revealed that he was actually from a very wealthy family.

Is Rei autistic March comes in like a lion?

Having worked with autistic kids for her research, she said that Rei practically checks every mark in the book for signs of autism, from current day behaviors to flashbacks of his childhood.

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How good is REI at shogi?

Rei is a teenage professional shogi player, currently ranked at 5th-dan. He is widely lauded in the shogi community as the fifth shogi player to become a professional in middle school.

How old is Rei from March comes in like a lion?

Part 1: March Comes In like a Lion. Rei Kiriyama is a 17 year old professional shogi player and is the fifth person to become a professional in middle school.

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